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Freezing rain, cold temperatures, high winter winds. Ice storms have been more common than blizzards. Ice storms are usually non-violent in nature but are commonly known as a gentle rain with just below freezing temperatures. If the conditions are right, freezing, rain can cover everything from trees to power lines, roads, sidewalks, and vehicles. An ice storm can occur with little to no warning, making this type of winter storm extremely dangerous. This as you know, will cause very hazardous driving and even walking conditions.

Incredible Ice Storms

In 1961, northern Idaho experienced an ice storm that produced ice as thick as 8 inches. In 1991, Rochester New York experienced an ice storm that produced 375 million dollars in damages making it the worst natural disaster in New York state history.

In 1994, a severe ice storm hit Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama causing over 1 billion dollars in damages.

As you can imagine the variety of devastation is tremendous. Power outages, vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents. Some of these can be fatal.


It is very important for road crews to be proactive and reactive to this type of storm. Business and home owners also have to do their part. Keeping sidewalks, parking lots and driveways as clear from snow and ice as possible. This may be a challenge. Business owners have an obligation to do their best to make public walkways, parking lots, and driveways safe for their visitors and employees. Depending on where you live, homeowners may also be held to strict laws about keeping their sidewalks safe during the winter months.

If you are involved in a slip and fall due to any condition, winter ice or even broken concrete, and you suffered a serious injury, you can contact the Eshelman Legal Group to see if your case qualifies, so you can recover medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Your initial call is free and you do not pay unless we win your case. Some injuries may seem minor now but can escalate over the years. Medical bill may be costly. Missing work can be a major disaster, you may even lose your job due to poor attendance. This could be devastating. If you are involved in a serious accident due to someone else's negligence, you are entitled in most cases to fair compensation. However, it is advised that you have strong professional legal representation. The other insurance company will challenge you with their legal team and they will not be sympathetic to your needs. You will need a strong legal team to fight for your rights. Call the Eshelman Legal Group today to see if your case qualifies for compensation.

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Remember, be prepared, practice safe driving habits and allow ample time.

The Eshelman Legal Group

Our practice is limited to the representation of people, not insurance companies. Our years of experience make us a serious force, widely respected by insurance companies. The result is the ability to obtain top dollar settlements for our clients. We can help if you or someone you love is hurt due to:

  • Car, Motorcycle or Truck Accidents
  • Slip & Fall Injury
  • Dog Bites
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Work Place Injury
  • Hazardous Products

Getting the Proper Help

Before you talk to any insurance adjuster, CALL "The Eshelman Legal Group"...Without legal representation, you could settle your claim to cheaply or make statements to the adjuster that could greatly hinder your case.

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Our Mission

Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers | Eshelman Legal Group

At the Eshelman Legal Group, our mission is to help injured people. That is our sole purpose. We go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary to accomplish that mission for our clients. We give moral support and help guide clients through this difficult time in their life.

We understand that not every injury is devastating, but we do know that your injury is very important to you. It may be oversimplify it, but when I say our mission is to help injured people, that is exactly our mission.

Ask yourself this question… Who does the adjuster work for? The adjuster works for the insurance company, they do not work for you.

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